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Position: Technology Assessment

Apply for Assessment Post date: 2017-06-21View:472

How to Apply Fill in your information and we’ll contact you soon. Name:* Phone number:* E-mail address: ......

About the Assessment Post date: 2017-06-20View:557

About the Assessment Objective and Applicability With public attention growing on China’s air quality, clean air technologies and products regarding air pollution control are in a booming developmental period. Among the numerous clean air technol......

Methodology Post date: 2017-06-20View:476

Methodology The Bluetech technology assessment is mainly based on the following methodology documents: Bluetech Clean Air Technology Assessment: Methods and Procedure This document addresses the applicable range, the process of the......

Technology Assessment Post date: 2017-06-20View:1366

Bluetech Committee participate in the survey of condensing gas boiler > < Assessment Introduction ......