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Catalytic Candle Filter (CCF) Technology for MultiPollutant Exhaust Emissions Control

Catalytic Candle Filter (CCF) Technology for MultiPollutant Exhaust Emissions Control


Coal combustion emission control & clean energy substitutes


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Technology Overview:

◎◎ Catalytic candle filter is a new type of device that removes multiple pollutants (both dust and heavy metals) in a single unit. Acidic gases (HCl and HF), SOX, NOX and other pollutants could also be removed through the addition of catalysts and slaked lime. ◎◎ The main filtering element of the unit is ceramic fiber filter rod, which has the advantages of high corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, and high tolerance to temperature and thermal impact. ◎◎ The unit could be applied under high temperature (<550℃ ) conditions.

Environmental Features:

◎◎ High efficiency in removing dust (outlet PM concentration<2mg/Nm3), heavy metals and acidic gases (HCl and HF). ◎◎ SOX removal rate > 80%. ◎◎ NOX removal rate > 90%

Financial Features:

◎◎ Investment due to differences in project. The technology combines dedust, deNOX and de SOX into one unit. These technologies can be provided separately or as part of a complete turnkey system solution. ◎◎ Overall cost of catalytic candle filter (CCF) is lower than electrostatic precipitators and SCR.

Implementation Status:

◎◎ Has been applied in Germany and China.