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Fast, Multi-point Magnetic-sector Mass Spectrometry VOCs Online Monitoring System

Fast, Multi-point Magnetic-sector Mass Spectrometry VOCs Online Monitoring System


Advanced pollution source and air quality monitoring


Thermo Fisher Scientific.


United States of America

Technology Overview:

◎◎ Online monitoring magnetic mass spectrometry system (Sentinel Pro) for VOCs produced in rapid multi-point production process is mainly to carry out online detection on unexpected leakage of VOCs during production processes especially for poisonous, harmful, flammable and explosive gases and other gases with potential safety risks. ◎◎ The core of Sentinel Pro is scanning magnetic sector mass spectrometer, which provides rapid, reliable and accurate identification for a large variety of components. ◎◎ Unique multi-flow sampling system meets the requirements of both sampling speed and stability; one set of spectrometer can connect with multiple sampling systems. ◎◎ Monitoring locations should cover all production areas, including concentrated areas of valves (high leaking risk), uncontrolled outlets at room temperature and pressure, and production units and factory boundaries. ◎◎ Mainly covers 3 to 5 key pollutants at the factory’s choice, depending on the production process. ◎◎ Detection limits varies with targets, which could be as low as ppb level. ◎◎ Monitors hundreds inlets from various sampling locations, and sets priorities at the clients’ demand. ◎◎ Almost maintenance-free. The system could be up running for 99.6% of the time and only 2 hours are needed for maintenance every year.

Financial Features:

◎◎ Not Provided

Implementation Status:

Application in China ◎◎ Three set of Sentinel Pro are in operation in Ningbo Formosa Plastic Group. ◎◎ More than 30 sets of Sentinel Pro are operating in Taiwan. Application in abroad