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Environmental Air Quality On-line Monitoring System

Environmental Air Quality On-line Monitoring System


Advanced pollution source and air quality monitoring


Shanghai DST Technology Co., Ltd.



Technology Overview:

◎◎ Ozone Sensing Module, based on WO3 materials, possesses great selectivity (by elimilating cross interferences from NO2), and very low detection limit (ppb level) for O3. ◎◎ A special designed zero cycle compensates for sensor drift and interference effects from humidity. ◎◎ Automatic clean mode prevents particles accumulation on the surfaces of lens, detectors and other optics. ◎◎ Sampling inlet Dynamic heating system to increase the inlet temperature, keep the sample dry, and eliminate the interference of humidity on particle measurement. ◎◎ Automatic zero calibration mode to control zero drift and clean optical chamber by purging 0.5 L of air once every 12 hours. ◎◎ Automatic pumping system to control the accurate sampling flow rate, and constrain the flow error below a few mL/min. ◎◎ Special designed self-diagnosis mode to determine system malfunction automatically, by escaping measuring path, and directly connecting the light source and detector through fiber optics.

Financial Features:

◎◎ Monitoring system based on the different needs and parameters. Cost range is 150000-250000 RMB for a unit.

Implementation Status:

◎◎ Urban environment fine management monitoring project, Shaoxing EPB ◎◎ Wuzhen air quality online monitoring project, World Internet Conference 2015 ◎◎ Meteorological observation tower vertical monitoring project, Beijing EPB ◎◎ Mogao Grottoes air quality online monitoring project, the Dunhuang Research Academy.