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Large Straw Biological Anaerobic Fermentation System

Large Straw Biological Anaerobic Fermentation System


Tsingtao CASHT Energy & Engineering Co., Ltd.



Technology Overview:

◎◎ Large straw biological anaerobic fermentation system utlilzes straw and waste vegetables to produce methane. The system implement dry feeding system which can reduce water usage, reduce biogas slurry output and lower the requirements of the feeding pump. ◎◎ The fermentation system implements reflux system of biogas slurry, which is able to control the biogas slurry output and reduce the operation cost of storaging biogas slurry. ◎◎ Implemented BOX mixer, the angle and height of which is easy to adjust, provides a better mixing in fermentation tank. Implement TMR crusher brings better crushing for the straws. ◎◎ Methane production rate, waste vegetables 400m3/tTS, Straw: 400m3/tTS.

Environmental Features:

◎◎ Design Capacity of Tsingtao Large biomass projects: consume 70000 ton/a of corn stalk, consume 40000 ton/a waste vegetables. ◎◎ Bio-natural gas production rate: 20000m3/day, solid organic fertilizer production: 24,000 ton/a, liquid organic fertilizer production: 22,000 ton/a.

Financial Features:

Implementation Status:

Large straw biological anaerobic fermentation project in Tsingtao Nancun.