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Copper/Zinc Energy Super-Storage Batteries

Copper/Zinc Energy Super-Storage Batteries


Cumulus Energy Storage Ltd.


United Kingdom

Technology Overview:

◎◎ Based on the principle of copper zinc battery, the improvement lies in the separation of copper electrode from zinc electrode by proton membrane. ◎◎ The battery technology derives from mature and reliable metallurgy technology, which operates under normal temperature with very low safety risks. ◎◎ Electrolyte can be used in circulation and it does not cause secondary pollution. ◎◎ Raw materials are abundant and the cost is low. ◎◎ Experiment AC/cycle efficiency of AC charge and discharge is more than 80%.

Financial Features:

◎◎ The lowest levelised cost of energy in the early stage (LCOE: Levelised Cost Of Energy) is $180/MWh, which falls to $100/MWh after mass production.

Implementation Status:

◎◎ Feasibility study on 100MW and 400MW projects are being carried out in Ireland.