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Technology Overview:

◎◎ Hexa-Cover aims to reduce the emission of VOCs and odor from storage tanks and sewage pools in petroleum and chemical industry, which adopts multiple covers of hexagon structure to form a Floating Cover over the liquid surface. ◎◎ Each cover is designed to be a hexagonal shape with both sides of symmetry. Edge of the cover is spiral fan, making them interlocked to form an integrated matrix. ◎◎ Main technical parameters: the lowest density of 0.36g/cc; weight of 285g/piece; diameter of 215.90mm; and working temperature is -40 ℃ -100℃ . ◎◎ Coverage rate increases with the increase of the diameter of storage tank, and coverage rate is about 98% when the diameter is 20m. ◎◎ Flame retardant and static dissipative, which prevents static accumulation. ◎◎ Installation time: 2.5 hrs for a 5000m3 storage tank. ◎◎ Reduces the emission of VOCs and odor, minimizes heat loss and steam quantity produced by water vapor, and lowers humidity of liquid surface.

Environment Features:

◎◎ Reduction rate of VOCs and odor: 60-95%.

Financial Features:

◎◎ Service life of floating cover: 20 years. ◎◎ Unit price of the equipment: 1,500-5,900 Yuan/ m2.

Implementation Status:

◎◎ It has been used in tens of thousands of storage tanks and wastewater pools in Canada, the United States, China, South America, Europe and other countries and regions.